October 2009

Just read a post from a well known internet marketer. Been reading his stuff for years. The main point of his post dealt with a problem that is common, not only to internet marketers but, to many other folks trying to run a direct consumer contact business.

Stay on track…..Don’t fall “victim” to every new wiz-bang new thing that comes down the pike…..

Sometime is is hard to tell which method of traffic generation or sales copy or whatever really works or not, if you switch every time the latest greatest pops into your in-box you will never find it.

There is no doubt that some of the new ideas are worth investigating. Web 2.0 seems to have changed a lot of approaches to driving traffic and attracting potential customers. Some of the old methods from way back, you know like 5 or 6 years ago still work very well. In fact, I believe that some may even work better, less competition. LOL

The point is this. Research the methods, with out spending a fortune, don’t just take the word of someone who shows you pictures of new cars and big houses. Check the forums to see if anyone else will admit, honestly, what their results have been.

Start thinking like a business person. What do I get back for what I spend? More work or less work. Consider the time ratios involved. Compare the expense to the time you sit on the sofa and watch TV. That pays nothing.

YOU decide which method that you will work on to make it work. And stick to it for a while. Nothing happens overnight.

If you are in the IM business for the long run, look at the long run.  Develop your plan to last over time. A plan that will be generating income next year and the year after that and so on.

Learn the business. Study the business. Set reasonable expectations. Realize that the person that gets rich overnight is the exception and not the rule.

Above all, realize that the magic bullet is not for sale on the internet The magic bullet is your mind, use it.

A lot of buzz on the net about the FTC and their stance on truth in marketing.

About time……that BS that tells you that you can get rich by doing nothing except sending some expert money is as bogus as it can be.

Truth in marketing is long over due. No doubt that there are some folks that can blow the lid off the bank in a short time is true.

Fact is, however, to really make a decent buck, you have to build a business the right way. Oh..wait…I know, you will tell me about what’s his name that made millions. Yes, that is true. I am sure that there are a number of people that do make good money from their work at home internet business.   But now the FTC will make the junk car salesmen, oops….I me the “hypers” tell the truth about their products.

What does that mean for you?

Now, with a little common sense,you will be able to find out how to really put together the parts of a business that is truly your business. You will work a little harder to build something that will really be your own. Something that can and will last for years.

After all, isn’t that your dream. Why let someone else control your future?  Make your own mistakes, learn from them, and in the long run you will control your own destiny.

Learn, learn as much as you can. Learn what makes a solid business. Then build it and own it.

Well……..let’s take a quick look.

Since you spend a lot of time working on your website and site promotion you should be doing well. Do you have a big subscriber list? But….is that really necessary? Some say yes….some say no.

Making any money? Selling tons of your product?

If not, Why not?

Maybe it is time to conduct an honest self appraisal of your operation.  You know….from top to bottom.

Look at your product too be sure it is top quality, priced right and a true value.

Be sure your website is up to snuff. Be sure it has a professional appearance.  Easy to read and easy to navigate. You can make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

And one important component that many marketers seem to forget is we all exist to service our customers.

A few days ago, while digging thru the net, I came across a site that caught my eye. Looked good. Had a good offer that would help my niche, sooooo…..I subscribed.  About an hour later I got an email from the site owner. He told me that I was already a paid subscriber and he was sending a refund for my second subscription.

Will I do business with him again?    You bet I will.

Let me defend myself for just one moment. I spend a lot of time on the net and have done so for the past year. Most of the time is spent studying and researching marketing information.  I love to learn. It becomes easier to do any job when you build a strong foundation.

Internet marketing is a lot more complicated then many would like you to believe.  It is way more than “sent me your money and wake up tomorrow rich”. If you have been at it for a while, you know I speak the truth.

Bottom Line  Learn something new every day….in the end you will succeed……