November 2009

There has been a ton of chatter on the net about the new Federal Trade Commission rules that go into effect December 1,2009.

Take the time and go to the FTC site and spend some time reading the changes. It may well be worth your time. I for one am glad to see some sanity brought to web marketing. For some of you new people, it has to scramble your mind when you read about those folks who know nothing, do nothing and collect massive amounts of money.

I hope you haven’t spent any money on those too good too be true deals.

In real life some of those unbelievable things do happen. Somebody wins the lottery. Somebody shoots a hole in one at golf. Somebody catches the world record fish. But not everybody and not everyday.

I know people who have done all of those things. Except for the fish. I had him on the line and the line broke.

Most business success is accomplished by hard work and patience.  Internet marketing takes time to learn, time to develop and time to generate income. It is mostly dependent on you. And that’s a good thing. If you learn the business and apply what you learn, the success is yours.

The FTC can help level the playing field for the small and upstart marketers. Some marketers may decide it is time to seek other forms of income. Maybe hedge funds or mortgages.

I strongly believe that when you play by the rules, you are better off in the long run.

It is hard to remember a lie………BUT the truth is always the truth….

If you insist on throwing away money, let me know. I’ll give you an address where you can send it with the same zero results.

One of us might as well have some spending cash……….

Best wishes with your business…….

Quite a number of marketers recommend forum posts to secure backlinks to help in web rankings, especially with Google.

Sure why not?  Seems to have  a positive effect. And you can also find some useful information. I do it. Sometimes it is fun.

As you get to know me you will learn that I have spend many years studying people.  Not from the academic point of view, I am not “Dr. Jim”.

From the response and reaction point of view. From years of sales, marketing, politics, management and finally investigation.

Every business that I have ever been in, has to do with direct contact with people.  I have learned to be objective in my assessment of statements made by all levels of experience.  I’m not going to tell you that I am some kind of psychic or wizard. I will tell you that I have a better than average BS meter.

I also have very high sales resistance. To my point.

Join a forum or two related to your niche. You can find them by searching Google. Just “your niche forums” will bring up more than you need.

Read some of the posts. Some of the larger forums have thousands of members and hundreds of subjects. Some of the threads are very entertaining and intended for fun. You should have some fun. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Relax once in a while.

Then, since we are talking about marketing, look through some of the business related threads. They have every thing form how to start a business to how to code software.

You can get a better feel for where your knowledge level stands in relation to IM. Some of the posts will make you feel good. Some will leave you scratching your head.

Be careful about following advise that don’t make sense. And watch for the folks that offer a solution by referring you to thier products.  That is not to say that the products are bad. I do think that when you offer to answer questions, the answer should be an answer and not a “buy me”

Saw one poster that asked questions like “Do you know how to make money with IM?” Then answered with go to my site. There were about a dozen of those from the same member. Most forums will not allow that type of marketing. That type of marketing does not work with marketers.

After a while you leaqrn that there is no get rich quick that really works. For you. It works for the seller.

Anyway, take some time and look a few over. You can pick up some good information. AND maybe get a few backlinks.

Well now…….been a great Friday night. Went out with my special lady. Spent a few hours without thinking about marketing. Sang some karaoke and had a cold beer or two. Maybe a couple more. Of course, had to check the old emails before bed time.

What do you think I found? The same as you. A bunch of folks that are willing to make me rich. Now that is fantastic.

You really don’t know me. Yeah I know, my about me link tells you a little. What is does not tell you is that this is not my first rodeo.  But this is not about me it is about you.

After I read my ton of emails, I started unsubscribing.  Yes, unsubscribing. I like to look at the other marketers to see what they have to offer and what they might be selling. Sadly, too many are selling “the dream”. You know, drive a big dollar car, live in a big dollar house and the rest of the hype that “sucks your dollars” and does not give you anything but big expenses.

So………teach me something or give me something of value. Not the ebook that tries to sell me the  next upsell or the magic solution to my marketing problems. But something that will really help my business grow, so that I can make money.

If you have done none of those things, than it’s unsubscribe for you. I am glad you are rich. If you really are. Hope you did it the honest way. My time is too valuable to waste it reading your BS. I understand marketing, heck I was marketing before some of you “GURUs” were born.

I always learned and taught my people, “do some thing good for your customers” that is how you really earn your money.

If you really are going to build a business, STOP wasting your time wading through the crap and learn how to actually operate a business. No one will give it to you. No one will sell it to you for a hundred dollars.

If you buy the hype, I have a nice Florida bridge that I can get you a good deal on. Or….several acres of prime property…at low tide…that you just can’t pass up.

What is the hidden secret to building your home based internet business? that seems to work the best is to do something. Huh. Yes do something.If your hard drive is loaded with “good stuff” and your head is full of great ideas but… are not doing anything, just get going.

There is an old saying I used to year many years ago dealing with sales people.”You can’t do business sitting on your _ _ _ .” Well you get the idea. Same applies to sitting in your  computer.

Here on Sunday, watching football, I watched a pregame show where they talked about a NFL team a few years back, that was losing a lot of games.  They tried a bunch of changes that were just not working. Their next game was against a super team. What to do?

They went to some “old stuff” that worked years before. They won. Caught the opponent by surprise.

The point.

There are a lot of “old” things on the internet that worked well a few years ago. They still work. Some work very well. Learn, study and do some research, you might be happy with the results. It’s not always the latest greatest that is going to work for you.