December 2009

What is an expert?


That’s a guy who comes into town wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.

He looks like he might know a few things and he does drive a high priced car…….


Back in the 70s we had a guy who was pimping a system called “Dare to be great”…..


He told his followers to do whatvever you have to but, buy a Cadilaac or a Lincoln and get a thousand dollar suit….

Makes you look like you are making big bucks……

Don’t know the rest of the scam…..supposed to make a lot of money….think he went to jail…..


That’s your expert……Had a good friend a few years ago….made millions…..was he an expert?……great guy….no…

His businesses were very successful because of him….he made the business…not the product….people liked him…they bought from him….

His products were good and he ran a good operation….knew how to make a profit and still treat his customers right….

Could we do that?? …probably not …because his customers liked him and trusted him…he was the business….


When these so called experts want your money to show you how to get rich….just say NO…..


You build a business by learning all the pieces that build your business…

That does not mean that you have to do it all yourself…….you can hire some folks to do the things that are too hard for you to learn…..

You do have to learn enough to keep from getting ripped off….

I look at several forums on a regular basis. Some of the answers to questions just scare the bazoo out of me…..They have no idea about the subject and the suggestions are just unbelievable….

And why do I not correct those?….Don’t want to get labeled as a trouble maker……Besides got some good backlinks working….


Think about it……….if you send me a bucket of bucks….are you going to get rich?…….

Hmmm…probaly not…..

 Then why do you want to send the dollars to some guy who is carring a briefcase?….


Spent a little time this past week prowling the IM forums. I have a couple of products that I am working on and I just wanted to be sure that I am on the right track. I am. You can always find some interesting comments, questions and some very unique answers.

For example, many new marketers are asking some pretty basic questions. And some will tell you in their introduction that they are new and want to learn how to get a business going.  I think that is great. Nothing like starting your own business. Either to work at making some extra money or headed toward developing a full time income.

Well, you might ask, “Jim do you encourage other people to get into IM? Isn’t that competition”?

No, not really……There is more than enough business to go around. There are so many different products available you don’t want to try to count them.

I responded to one post from someone who wanted to enter the IM information niche.  I encouraged them to read, study and learn what it is all about. Another forum member jumped all over me claiming that it is a very competitive and difficult niche.

Of course I responded rather strongly that people have a right to try something without being criticized just because it is hard. But then again, if everything was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Two points…… can do anything that you believe you can….if you are willing to put in the work. Don’t let people discourage you. Always work on learning the basics first……the rest will come in time. And it will all start fitting together.

Second point…..if you visit the forums, be cautious of the people that answer your questions by offering to sell a great program. That is one of the problems with many programs available today. They do not give you enough information to move forward and develop your own business.

Fill in the blanks is fine. If it does not work out for you, you will not have the necessary tools to move into another niche or product, without buying another program. And then maybe another……

Learning the how is good……learning the why is great…….

Best wishes on moving forward…….