Well…I said it…….and it can be…..


There are just so many things to do in this “easy” business, that the days just go by. Faster then you realize, or faster than I realize.

My slow down has not been a slow down but, rather it has been a redo. By spending more time in the forums than I had originally planned, I discovered that much of my material was focused a little too high.

Seems as though there are more people, than I first believed, that need more basic foundation information.


For example, I read a post, by an admitted new markerter, who asks a pretty basic question. That’s what forums are for.

Then I read several answers that are so far off base it is just unreal. That tells me there is a hole in the information system or too many people are not taking the time to secure accurate information.

OK…back to the point, I have been doing some rewriting on my books and articles, to be sure that I get enough basics for a really new marketer.

It is worth the effort, I really do want to provide good solid information to my readers and subscribers.


An why, you might ask is it too easy? Because I have the time to review and review again, the information you will need….


My background includes investigation and research, lots of it, I want to know why things work so that I can pass it on to you.


A good strong foundation is essential to build a strong business. Regardless of your long term goals, extra income or long term business, you need to build it right.

I would like to help………