Is that a strange question?

So is the answer…….yes and no…

It depends on the direction you pick for your business on the internet. Will you find a job doing “work”? Things like data entry, virtual assistant or maybe doing surveys, etc.


Or will you chose to offer a product or service…. You have to decide. Anything, other than the “Job” type activities, is going to fall in the catagory of “marketing”.


From reading through the forums, many people believe that internet marketing means the “make money ” niche. You know the one where the poor dumb guy makes thousands of dollars overnight by using some long hidden secret.


Let’s take a closer look.

If you are offering a product or service…you will have to sell it.

The system you use to sell is marketing……just that simple.

Now, an internet marketing system is a little more complicated than that. But, to be successful you need to develop a system.

The best way to develop a sound system, is to learn each of the parts and then put them all together. Not as hard as it may sound.


But back on track. If your business will be providing a service, such as freelance writing or graphic design, you will have to market that service.

If you focus on affiliate products or your own products, you will have to market them.

Therefore, if your decision is to market them on the internet. You are an internet marketer.  


It is that basic. Once you learn the methods, you can market anything under the sun.

The best to you in your efforts……..I will try to help….

Jim Gillum