June 2010

There are tons of information sources on the internet. Some are good some are not so good.

Now I realize that many people are in business to make money. That is not a bad thing.
Some are in business to convince you (and not me any more) that for an amount of dollars ranging from $5 to into the thousands, you can get rich on the net.

I believe that you have to work at any business and spend some time learning that business. You can do that “your” pace. Also depends on your time (pressure) frame.
How quickly you will need a cash return and what you will do to get it.

One thing for sure that we can all agree on is…….the need for information.

A lot can be found using the Google search. Although sources have strings attached.

A really good source is to use the forums.

Here are some forums for you to look at related to marketing…..
All free to join…Warrior Forum would like money….but they do offer a free membership. Some of the warrior members are real heavy hitters……I recognize the names from over the years.

They all have a search function if you want to target certain areas of research…
They all also have some people who do not know jacksh**…It shouldn’t take you long to see who knows their stuff and who is blowing smoke.

They require a user name……I would use the same name for all to develop a good reputation….I use my real name……stronger for my marketing.

Links…..These are webmaster and marketing forums.


There is also a fair amount of technical information in them. Some you will need and some not………

If you have already selected a niche for your business, you can find related forums by searching Google. (Forum+niche)…
Regardless of the niche, you will want to know the webmaster and marketing information that you can gather.

I would suggest that you chose forums with large active memberships. Those will give you more of what you need. Those stats are posted normally on the front page at the bottom.

I hope this gives you a little more help.
See you soon
Best to you,

Jim Gillum

One of the things I have been trying to do is pass along a few real work at home ideas.

Well, like a dummy, I started another project.  

Among the list of ideas that is passed along for starting a home business, is to do something you know and/or are passionate about.

You can pick a hobby, some skill you have learned over the years or a subject that you have always wanted to actually do and have been investigating.

As we continue on our journey together, I will get into more details about how you can make that work for you.

For several years, I have been interested in painting……..no not houses or rooms, although, I did have a business related to that years ago.

I am talking about art…yes art. Painting pictures on canvas. I use acrylic paints and I really enjoy it. The whole painting story is better left for another day. It is kind of longish.

It was one of my methods to relax….and it works well….

At any rate, I have started a new blog www.landscape-art.info , because I paint landscapes.

This is the first step to my hobby being turned into a business.

I am building a website to sell my paintings. Original hand painted landscape art.

It is under construction as we speak…..I am typing and hopefully you are reading.

I have run into a few technical problems and am having to learn even more new things…

Yes, I said learn more……..As you should be as well….One secret to doing well on the internet is to continue to learn……something new everyday.

The point….

Sometimes a business is right under your nose and you don’t realize it.

So, look around you…….you might surprise yourself…..

Until next time…

The best to you,

Jim Gillum