Part three of three….


Once you have determined that your product is marketable and can generate sufficient profit, it is time to go to market.

But Wait…

Remember, this is work at home and not necessarily only on the internet. Your work from home product may sell well using other methods. For instance, wholesale sales to retail outlets. Or direct sales to customers from your home or craft shows.

Some examples…

You find a source for a product that people will buy. You can get it really cheap, which means you can sell it cheap and still make a decent profit.

Or….You grow plants from cuttings in your backyard. By the time they are large enough to sell, they cost you one dollar. You sell two hundred every week at the flea market for $5 each. Four dollars profit times 200 plants, eight hundred gross profit for two days is not bad.

The downside is that plants are seasonal, even in Florida, except south Florida. That is just one idea.

Back to the internet…

For marketing on the internet, you can use a website, blog or social sites. Each has their own advantages and some disadvantages. Websites have been around for many years and have been known to be highly effective.

Some of you can build your own site and some will have to pay to have one built. The site building is not the hardest part. Building a website that is effective is more complicated and leads to questions like this…

“I have a site and no one is visiting and I am not selling anything. What should I do?”

That question can be answered is several books. There is a lot more to a successful website than meets the eye.

Blogs are much easier to get up and running and can be very effective. There are some free blog services available. But if you are serious about trying to build a business, don’t waste your time with a free service.

And again, if you are serious about building a business and using the net, be prepared to invest a few dollars to make something happen. 

You can have a registered domain name, a web hosting account and a blog for less than $100 a year. This can provide a good foundation to build your business.

The third option would be the social networking sites.  I have read claims of people who say they make money with them. I have to question the stability of building a business on a structure that can delete your site without notice.

Website/blog promotion could fill several books. The free social networking sites can be used to send visitors to your site/blog.

Final words…

As a final word or some final words, treat your business as a business and work at it. You can work any number of hours that you choose but stay at it.

Internet marketing takes time. Any business takes time to build. They usually do not become successful overnight.

And… honest with yourself. If your product, that you made, is not selling, it could be a bad product. Maybe the site that you built is not good, just not effective. Fix it or dump it.

A real business person considers profit….not pride.

Emotional decisions are clouded…..make your decisions with your business mind…..

I hope this article is of some help to you. There will be more information soon to get you going toward your goals.

Until next time,

Jim Gillum