October 2010

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Let us take a look at the answer to the title question. How or why?

First consider this, when someone goes to school it is usually to learn. But more importantly, to learn what?

In the early years it would be things like reading, writing, grammar and mostly the basic fundamentals.

In the later years, the subjects get more complex. You get into the formulas and theory. Those are the why answers.

Several years ago….more than I care to think about…I used to teach. Junior college level courses.

My favorite was criminal law. The reason was very simple. It covered two areas that where different from other courses. One was that it focused on why and the other was research.

Many people will agree that education is to learn. I do not totally agree with that. My theory is that it is to teach you how to think. And to teach you how to research and find the information that you need. At the time you need it. Again, at the time you need it.

For example.

You learn how to make little green boxes. One size and one color. In one kind of wood. A customer wants to buy some in a different color. What do you do? Research. You get a color chart and show the colors to your customer. Simple but basic.

The whole point is this. In any business you do not have to know all there is to know about everything that has to do with that business. You have to know where to find the information, the answers to the questions.

There is no way possible that I could have taught my students every criminal law in Florida. But I could teach them the basics AND where to find the rest….when they needed them.

Your business should be the same. Put together a small collection of reference material for those situations that only come up occasionally. Then you can concentrate on the daily needs and not worry about the “what ifs” that might happen. Remember, you can always use the internet as an information source, it is a great library.

Now…the how and the why……

At this point, if you have probably decided on which business you a going to pursue, you should know most of the how. How you are going to produce your product or how to provide your service.

Time to think about the why. The can also be the key to your marketing.

Why are you doing this? To make money and to provide something people need or want.

A successful business will provide an answer to a problem or fulfill a desire. It will make something better for your customer either by fixing something or providing pleasure.

That will cover a pretty wide variety of subjects. In some cases it will provide for both areas. An example would be a weight loss program. Your customer wants to lose some pounds. They want to look and feel better. Plus, from the health angle, they can be healthier.

Some products only do one thing for them. At least only one obvious benefit.  A flea solution for their dog may only appear to give one solution. No fleas on the dog. When in fact, the aggravation of not fighting fleas in the house and having a dog that scratches all the time is more of a hidden benefit.

From the pleasure angle, your product may only be intended for that purpose. Your homemade cookies, taste great and they do not have any preservatives. Many people like that. Obvious benefit is great taste and the hidden benefit is the health perspective.

The Marketing Side….      

You are producing your product or service because it solves a problem….or gives pleasure.

That is exactly what you use in your marketing campaign. Remind your prospects of the problem that they have and how you can help solve that problem.

Do not forget the “hidden” benefits. All the good things that your product can do beyond the original problem solution.

And do not overlook the obvious areas that many people take for granted. Things like handmade, produced by the inventor, non-toxic coatings, more colors available, free shipping, multi item discounts or anything that will increase the perceived value of your offering. They will not know if you do not tell them.

I hope this helps you on your journey to a successful work at home business…..

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Jim Gillum





Does your work at home business need help?  Where do you go to get that help?

Well, most folks do what you are doing right now……read the net for the information to fill in the blanks. I do the same thing. When I run into a road block, I do the search thing. It works just fine.

Of course, you have to screen your sources to be sure you are getting something helpful and not just a sales pitch. Now I am not suggesting that selling is a bad thing. We all, or a least many of us, are working on building a business.

The purpose of any business is to make some money. Again, not a bad thing. If you can help people and also make money, you have a winner. A winner for everyone involved.

So, I would say, read carefully. Be certain that when you find information that there are no strings attached. Check several sources to see which ones are accurate and make sense. Try to find complete information.

And above all, use some common sense. You can not get the secret of making five grand a week for $19.95….It just will not happen.

I read in the marketing forums about people who spend hundreds of dollars to “get the secrets” and end up with nothing to show for the money. Sometimes the information is inaccurate or even dead wrong. Just be careful.

How about using information from this blog?

If you read the comments in this blog, you will note that question coming up on a regular basis.

Yes, is the answer. Please feel free to link to my blog or use the articles or any excerpts. But please give me a link back and credit for the article.

I appreciate the fact that you want to use my content. Thank you.

I might also note that everything here is original. It comes right out of my old head. It is the product of years of experience and years of study.  I read everyday, learning never stops.

You might consider that as a motto for yourself. No matter how little time you have, try really hard, to learn something new everyday.

The more you learn, the more you will learn. Huh?

As you learn more about new areas of interest, your confidence level will increase and you will tend to absorb more information. As a result you will learn more. Give it a try.

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