How do I make money from home? 

A very commonly asked question……..I see it in some of the blog comments and in posts on some of the forums.

Think about it…..

I have posted this before….maybe it was too complicated to understand or my explanation was not quite clear………

You can work at home by running a business from home. Simple enough. And yet…..not all that simple.

First you will have to decide on what type of work at home business you want to have. Then you have to figure out what you can actually do. What skills do you posses that are worth money?

If you are new to my blog or have not read all the posts (yeah right)…this has been mentioned in several posts. But worth touching upon again.

Since you are reading this on the net, it may be safe to believe that your interests my lean toward something internet related. (I did not say assume…never good to do

Of course, offline business can benefit greatly by using the web to advertize.

At any rate, basics first.

If you want to use the net to “get rich quick”, forget it. It just does not work that way.  Most of those offers are not realistic and many are just plain scams. You would probably have a better chance to win the lottery. And not be as frustrated, after all gambling is gambling. 

There are many opportunities to actually make money. There are a ton of “jobs” that can be found by doing a Google search.  But, (the inevitable but) you MUST do your research to find the ones that are legitimate. Do not pay anyone to give you a job.

Hence, your skills. Can you write? Do graphic design? Build websites? Do SEO?

If your answer is …Huh? Then, consider network marketing, affiliate marketing or maybe blogging.

You can find the definitions for all of these by doing a Google search. In some later posts I will give some definitions and explanations. However, if you are really serious about doing something to make money, you have to learn, now, to do your research. Learning is a strong key to success in any business.

For your offline business, the questions are still basically the same. What skills do you have that can make money?

This can be a little broader. Again, think about this. The list of businesses that can be done from home is only limited by your imagination.

Again, any business that you can operate from your home is a home business. It does not have to be complicated.

A lawn mowing service based in your home is a home business.

Some businesses require a sizable financial investment, while others require very little. The more you are able to do on your own, means less that you will have to pay someone else to do. Very basic common sense…

The Secret

Start by thinking. Think about your skills, the tools or products needed to start. The work area required. The laws and rules that govern your type of operation. The amount of time needed to get started. The expenses involved to get started.

Write everything down….make a list….

A business plan…….then do your research…..

Until next time

The best to you in your quest for success…

Jim Gillum