Once again we will go over some of the information that we touched on an earlier post….. 

Of course, work at home is basic. Then we discussed whether or not you wanted an internet business or a business that is simply advertized on the net. A web presence, so to speak.  And…Will you build your own site or have it built for you. 

In either case there are some basic things, components, which we all need to get the web thing going.  After you have chosen your domain name, you will have to have a hosting service to host your site or blog. It is probably going to be very helpful to also have an autoresponder service. 

I highly recommend the service in this banner….from the unselfish marketer. I have been doing business with his company for quite some time….the service is awesome, for the rare times I have had to contact them. Click the banner now!!   hosting2.gif

Not only is the service excellent….but the features that are included in the low fee provide everything you need to get your site up and running in no time………autoresponders, site builders, data bases, and much more….. The prices offered are some of the most reasonable available on the web today…..and tomorrow for that matter. 

 Everything you will need is include in the hosting package…..payments can be made monthly, semi-annually or annually…and discounts are available.  The whole system was put together by an award winning marketer and assembled for use by marketers.  Blog or static website all the tools are there, as well as, detailed instructions on the whole setup……   

Take a quick tour and you will be as impressed as I am about the whole system….

The best to you as you continue to work on your business…

Until next time….

Jim Gillum 

I am an affiliate of this service…have been for a long time.