Since the beginning of this blog I have made some attempts to follow a logical path of progression to build your business….


That has failed miserably….. (Following a pattern)


So I may as well continue that pattern and just dump out some more information, which I think will help you along your way.


Most businesses, on line and off line, provide a product or service. You give something in exchange for money……….


There are those sites that contain something of interest like games, sports scores, how to articles and other similar such information. Some are membership sites and charge a fee. Others place ads all over their site in the hopes that you will click on a link and buy some product. That way the site owner can collect a commission for sending you to the sales page.


We are all probably pretty familiar with those kinds of sites. They do make money. But….that is a subject for a whole nother article…..


OK…your product….we have touched on this before…I think…

Anyway…….you can take a look at your skills and hobbies. Is there anything marketable?

Do you make something that people will buy…Will it be practical to sell it from your home, either out the front door or on the internet?

Is it something you can make at your home?


Think about it from the business owner point of view.

How many cookies can you bake and sell in one day from your kitchen? Enough to develop into a fulltime business?


In the real world…most likely not….

In many jurisdictions, the standard home kitchen would not past health department approval. Get the point.


Can you make and sell 50 pound flower pots and ship them to your customers? Simple answer is yes….from a practical viewpoint….probably not.

Fifty pounds each……hard to handle …a real pain to ship or deliver.


Bottom line…….choose things that make sense……things that a normal person can do.

It will help to prevent you from quitting after a few days because your project is too hard.


Hey, I am not suggesting that you are dumb … but in the excitement of moving forward with a new project it is easy to sometimes overlook the obvious.


That is a good reason for a larger project to take on a consultant. A fresh pair on neutral eyes can many times see things from a different perspective. Be careful asking family or close friends, that can backfire…big time.


I can not tell you exactly what you should select for a product or service. If I could predict the best products, that would be a great business for me.


The great predictor ….send me money and I will give you the winners…..Duh… It does not work that way……sadly for both of us.


Let’s pretend that you need a product….

You have limited special skills…….

What to do?


There are several methods that have worked for many years with some degree of success. The first is to find a product that is selling well and duplicate that product.


For instance, hamburgers. There are many places that make and sell burgers. Most are making money. Mainly because people buy and eat hamburgers.


Or, develop a better version of the popular product.


For example, a bigger better burger. One that has extras that are not available from the other burger companies. Maybe different ingredients or “better” ingredients.


Or develop a completely new burger. One made out of turkey instead of beef.


Or….present the old product in a repackaged upgraded version……Print new in red on the package. Give it a new name. “The Florida Burger.” Now better than ever. Point out the features that have been obvious for years but not mentioned by your competitors.


Like…made fresh daily…..served hot……free dressings…….packaged to take home. All things that were normally always available, but never pointed out.


STOP…..I am not suggesting that you should go into the burger business. Simply replace the burger with the product that you are considering, to try to generate some ideas that will work for you.


As in past posts, I am trying to help you get some of the creative juices flowing. I don’t have all the answers. And do not claim to have.


But, in the past fifty years I have seen a few things that have helped me…..I hope they will help you…


Until next time,

Jim Gillum