Well you do have a product…don’t you?

Maybe yes maybe no…but it is the basis to move forward and develop your business.

There are many sorts of technical or scientific methods that can be used to determine the saleability of a product.

Then there are some tried and true “off the cuff” systems that can give you a good idea about your “stuff”.


A Case Study

Let me give you an example from past experience. We were working on a line of gift items for children. Home produced products. Some made of fabric some made of wood.

I took addresses from the yellow pages of gift shops in a reasonable driving range from home. Then I packed a fancy decorated cardboard container with an assortment of our products.

Since I was not familiar with the shops, I had to play it by ear, as to whether or not they handled children’s gift items.  


Anyway, I targeted the owners or managers and gave them my best sales pitch. Most of them bought. In a day and a half, I sold more than we could put together in a week. Some would become regular customers.

This strengthened the saleability status of our product line. The future reorders would also confirm that our products would continue to sell.


Pros and Cons

This has an advantage over direct sales because it shows that the products will sell when you are not there to make sure. They sell themselves.

On the other hand, if you can present your products in person to your prospects you can gather direct product feed back.


The most valuable are the non-buyers; you can tactfully ask why they don’t like it. That would give you the opportunity to consider any modifications.

And you can likewise determine the features that attracted the buyers and use that positive information in your marketing program.


You might try some test marketing by doing something similar with your product. Of course, that is going to depend on the product.

And……. finding the right location to do the test.

If you are thinking flea market, you might want to reconsider. Most people shop there looking to find bargains. But you can still get a feel for the public response to the product.

Just don’t expect to get your asking price.

And the whole point of the exercise……..

Think outside the box……many successful business people don’t follow the same road travelled by others………..that is one reason they became successful…….

I hope this helps to get you and your head pointed in the right direction…..

Until next time…………

Jim Gillum