Which came first…..the chicken or the egg?


Build your site or…… do SEO?


I normally try to stick to work at home business without toomuch discussion about using the internet.
Not because I don’t know how, simply because I do not want to add to anyone’s information overload.


I have been building websites since the mid 90s and have been doing SEO since then too.


What is SEO? In simple terms, search engine optimization, which prepares a website to rank high in the search engine index. At least that
is what it is supposed to do.


How do you do it? And how do you learn it?

SEO is far more complicated than many folks realize, most are only familiar with the bare basics
and sadly believe they are experts. (I spend time in webmaster forum and see them.)


I would like to keep this discussion rather light and try to just touch some of the basics.


Building your site…can be mind bending. Can you write code? Or do you have site building software? Will you hire someone to build a
site for you?


Those are questions for you to consider and choose an option.


SEO is something that anyone who intends to operate a web business should understand. A site that simply serves as an ad for an offline
business, may…I said may not be as important.


But if your entire business is on the web…..you should really develop a better than average understanding. Hiring a good company to do
the optimization for you would be expensive and to work properly, it should be ongoing.


If you are new to web business and are learning, just add SEO to your learning list.


OK…The answer to the question……

My opinion is based on common sense, experience and research. Do them both at the same time.


Again, based on my time in the forums, most people publish their site and then worry that they have a low rating in the search engines and
no traffic. No traffic means no business and of course, no cash flow.


Another opinion based on research. The website builder, the graphics creator and the content provider are different people. The last to
arrive on the scene is the SEO expert.

That is like building a house upside down and expecting it to work.


Time for that second cup of….coffee….

Follow along with this.

The codes for the site, all the content and the graphics will impact the SEO of the site. As will the overall site design.

Therefore, they should all be done at the same time.


Some of the things done to the site are for the search engines and others are for humans. People spend money …search engines do not.
(We can talk about other forums of promotion later in the posts)


Currently, the number one engine is Google and will be the focus of our discussion. If you rank well in Google you should also do well in
the other most popular engines. Works that way for me….


The codes that people do not see, tell the browser how to display your site. Like the color of the background, the text, which font to
display and the size and color.  They also tell the engines what your site is about, mostly by using meta elements called meta tags.


The site content is the part that provides the information that your customers want to find. The engines use that as well to help rank
your site. In this area some of the factors include, placement of bold words, word usage relevant to the subject of the site.
The location of the words that are the key subjects of you site.  And also the number of words.

(Keyword usage and research would fill a book)


Graphics to attract people, and to make your site look professional. And graphic tags for the engines.


Now the ongoing SEO would submit your site to engines, place links throughout the web and do other forms of promotion that is intended to
help the site rank high in the engines. And also bring traffic to your site.


The finalreasoning…

If all of these factors (and many more) are taken into consideration from the very beginning of the project. The chances of success
are greatly improved.


The website is not disrupted by changes that might have to be made for the site to comply with SEO.


Can you do all this? Will you be overrun by new material?
Will you think you are going crazy?

Yes to all…..but you will have a much better handle on your own business and be less likely to get ripped off by some web slicker…..

No one was born with a business already in their head…itis all learned…


Until next time..

Jim Gillum