Your business fails before it ever starts….

Because you never got it going…..

You spend days, weeks or even months developing your dream business and it is gone in minutes.


How and why?

First….developing. That can mean any thing from hours of research and a written plan, to days of simply just day dreaming and “thinking” about your project.

When I have time, I like to think about my next project. Regardless of whether it is a business related project or the next fishing trip; I like to plan to try and avoid any problems. Sometime to the extent that I can’t sleep and sit at my computer in the early morning hours.

Maybe everyday on your daily drive to “your job”, you mentally work on your plan.

Sometime you take out that small notebook and jot down some ideas.


Now the great moment has arrived……..

You unveil your great idea to that person in your life that matters. Could be a spouse, parent, a significant other or a trusted friend.


Wham! The bomb drops.

“You can’t do that.”

The reason are numerous and varied. “You are not smart enough, you are too lazy, you don’t have time for that or you can’t afford that.”

Could be any number or combinations. But you take it to heart, your feelings are hurt and your dream is ….dead.


Now what?

Now it can get hard. You tell that important person that just crushed your dream to go to “somewhere bad” and move ahead with your project.

That is one solution but…it is a wise one. A new business can change your life.

Is that the direction you want to take? Your relationship with that person ends and you lose a friend or worse.

Or…you can pre-sell your idea.

What do you and that “other” person have in common? How can they benefit from your new business? What can you offer to reduce the perceived risk?

In fairness, many new businesses just plain do not survive. That is a fact. There are things that can be done to lessen the risk. (A subject for another post.)


If you are considering any business that is related to the internet, consider this. The average person knows nothing about the net and net businesses.  Most older people view internet business as dangerous (financially) to the user. They don’t trust internet transactions to be safe.


One alternative is to wait. Time can change attitudes and perceptions. Things that “look” bad today may look different in a few weeks or months.

You can try to educate that “other” person.


Consider this in your pre-sell. In the current economic climate, almost everyone can use a few extra dollars. A good reason to have a business on the side. That is a more saleable idea than “get rich over night”. It also offers less risk on the surface.



Case study…

Not really. Just a statement of fact. I am 70 years old. Over the years, natural changes have allowed me to do things that were discouraged many years ago.


Bottom Line…

If you really are smart enough and driven enough to move forward with your own business…..

You will find a way to make it work.


Best to you.

Jim Gillum