Is there a secret for success in your home based business?   Internet or off line, the secret is the same…

You must first…do something. Yes that‘s right.

Do something to move forward.

Don’t just sit there and wish. Because nothing will happen.


If you have done your research, worked out the demographics and developed a product or service.

Then you are ready to get off of the starting line.

Write a business plan to be sure that you have covered all the bases. It can be easy to forget some of the smaller details that could cause a failure.


One of the great aspects of working at home is the ease of getting to the jobsite.  The ease of getting a cup of coffee or a glass of something cold. The convenience of a controlled environment…that you control.

With all those problem areas solved, you now have time to finish that business plan.



Your good idea can not make any money for you until it is started. So get going. If some thing is stopping you, figure out how to work around it.

Because that is what business owners do.

Until next time,

Good luck

Jim Gillum