Experience is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.”



That seems simple enough to understand ….seems simple.

But there is more to that then meets the eye.

He has ten years experience.  Does that mean that he occupied space at one place for ten years? Or did he actually do something?

So….looking to the formal definition the person claiming to have experience, should really have had to do something that moved their project forward toward the goals that they set.

In some jobs people are not expected to progress “up” the step of the job. They do the same job year after year.

In other jobs or professions, they are expected to move forward in the business by attending schools, reading books,(remember reading books) or by actual hands on work.

When someone claims to have experience we should ask questions. Doing what or how did you get it?If the experience is expressed to add value to the product or service, it is important to determine that the value claimed is real.

On the other side of that picture, you, as a marketer and business person, absolutely  must be certain that when you claim to have experience, you should be able to support that claim.

If you hold yourself up to be something you are not and “get caught” at it, your business future is going to be limited.

In the years before the net, it took time for a bad reputation to spread around the marketplace. Today we are really protected by the ability to find information about most any business. However, we must be mindful that in some cases the “bad” information is placed by a person that has for some reason developed a grudge against another individual.

Common sense and due diligence are very important when you become involved in business.

Take the time to do the research.

Until next time,

Good business luck,

Jim Gillum